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Punjab Police Arrests Another Sikh Youth From Jammu

JAMMU, Jammu & Kashmir—The Baghapurana police on December 1 arrested a Sikh youth from Jammu after obtaining arrest warrants from the Magistrate in an FIR No. 193/16 registered in the Police station of Baghapurana. Jagjit Singh is the third Sikh youth from Jammu who has been arrested in this case following the arrest of Tarlok Singh Laddi and his cousin brother Taljit Singh Jimmy.
File Photo Jagjit Singh @Unitessikhnews

It is learnt that the Baghapurana police raided onto Jagjit Singh’s home in Shastri Nagar of Jammu on December 1 and arrested him. When the local Sikh representatives asked the Police to clarify the reason for arresting Jagjit Singh, they didn’t provide any reasoning. Following this, the local Sikh activists staged protests in Jammu by blockading the traffic on road.
Sources have informed that the Police took away his laptop, mobile and cash from his office.
Last year Tarlok Singh Laddi was arrested in this case following which the Police got apprised of Taljit Singh Jimmy who was residing in UK. As soon as Taljit Singh arrived in India during October this year he was arrested.  Other arrests were made shortly after this.

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