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Reaction by Sikh Activists and Salutes by Indian Leaders on “Supercop” KP Gill’s Death

KP Gill, a former Punjab Police Chief, notorious for massacring countless innocent Sikh youth in the late eighties and early nineties, today died at a hospital in Delhi following a sudden cardiac arrest due to cardiac arrhythmia.  He was admitted in hospital for ailment on May 18 and he breathed his last today at 2:55 pm.
KPS Gill passed way on May 26, 2017
Social media has seen a wave of posts after Gill’s passing away.  Activists across the world have also shared their views detailing the brutal past attached to Gill’s life.
S. Papalpreet Singh, a prominent Sikh activist based out of Punjab said –
“There is no doubt that KP Gill was directly responsible for the murder of Sikh youths during the militancy movement.  As the chief of Punjab police, he orchestrated murders of thousands of Sikh youth and disguised them as ‘police encounters’.
These encounters were staged to carry out extra-judicial killings of the Sikhs during state sponsored terrorism in Punjab.  KP Gill was the main architect of these killings.  Due to his role in mass murders of the Sikhs, KP Gill was excommunicated by Sarbat Khalsa appointed Jathedars in July 2016.”
Papalpreet Singh appealed all Ragi and Pathi sevadars to refrain from performing KP Gill’s final rites.  He held Gill fully responsible for working as the state’s apparatus to carry out genocide of the Sikhs during the 1990s.
Dr. Avtar Singh from Canada, a political observer who enjoys a large fan base on Facebook stated that “An icon of militant Indian nationalism is dead”.
He further added that “KPS Gill taught Indian security forces the phenomenon of fake encounters by perfecting this process in Punjab in the post-1984 era. Today, fake encounters are a norm in India where it’s security forces kill opposing militants or even normal citizens by extrajudicial process known as fake encounters (killing arrested persons in a staged encounter instead of prosecuting them through the prolonged and often unsuccessful judicial process ).
“Indians term KPS Gill as a Supercop for perfecting and implementing the phenomenon of fake encounters in Punjab in post-1984 era. KPS Gill ordered fake encounter of human rights activist Jaswant Singh Khalra in 1995 because he had succeeded in unearthing the scandal of thousands of Sikh youth being killed in fake encounters in Punjab and disposed off as unidentified dead bodies . Sardar Khalra had visited Canada, UK etc to educate parliamentarians as well as western sikhs about this phenomenon but was killed by KPS Gill in a fake encounter on returning back to Punjab.
KPS Gill was an alcoholic and died of cardiac arrest resulting from arrhythmia while suffering peritonitis (a painful infection of fluid surrounding the intestines) from liver failure and kidney failure.
Bhai Balwant Singh Gopala, president of Sikh Youth Federation Bhindranwale also appealed to all Gurdwaras and Sikh institutions to refrain from providing any services for KP Gill’s funeral.  He appealed that his final rites should not be performed as per the Sikh Rehat Maryada.  He held KP Gill responsible for large scale murders of Sikhs.  Sighting the hukamnama passed by Sarbat Khalsa Jathedars excommunicating KP Gill from the Sikh Panth, Bhai Gopala said that this edict should have come years ago when KP Gill was organizing mass murders of Sikhs.
Former political prisoner and activist S. Bagicha Singh also appealed Ragi and Pathi Singhs from performing KP Gill’s final rites.  “No one should go against sentiments of the Sikh community for the sake of money.  He asked Sikh parchariks to recognize their consciousness and fully boycott services for KP Gill’s final rites.”  He asked Sikh preachers to remember scores of Sikhs killed by Gill before they perform ardas for Gill. 
“KPS Gill murdered Sikhs and ensured that their dead bodies did not even reach their parents.  Final rites for those youth could not be performed so its our duty that we don’t allow KP Gill to have his last rites,” he said.
Ravi Singh, renowned social worker and founder of Khalsa Aid International said, “The death of K P Gill has left many questions unanswered!  He knew who he murdered, the location, those who sent the orders & the money he was paid for each killing.  There isn’t much to celebrate. He got away with it….”
Ravi Singh added that KP Gill murdered thousands of young Sikh men in cold blood but he hasn’t killed the [Sikh] spirit.
While Sikhs across the world celebrated KP Gill’s passing away, Indian leaders shared their condolences –
India Home Minister and senior leader of the Bhartiya Janta Party, Rajnath Singh posted – “Saddened to learn of Shri KPS Gill’s demise. Known for his bravery and courage he always inspired others by leading from the front. I offer my heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family of Shri KPS Gill. May God give them strength to bear this loss.”
Amit Shah, president of the Bhartiya Janta Party said, My deepest condolences on the passing away of Shri KPS Gill ji. He was an iconic IPS officer who served the nation with honor and pride.  Shri KPS Gill will always be remembered for his contribution in defeating terrorism & establishing peace in Punjab. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.”
Rahul Gandhi, president of Indian National Congress, posted – “He exemplified courage & determination, Sh. KPS Gill will be remembered for his invaluable role in fighting terrorism in Punjab. My condolences.”
Indian Defense Minister Arun Jaitley also shared his condolences.  He praised Gill for his role in curbing insurgency in Punjab is part of history. 
Punjab politicians, including Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, former Chief Minister Parkash Badal, Akali Dal president Sukhbir Badal, official opposition leader HS Phoolka from Aam Aadmi Party have not yet made any statements on KP Gill’s demise.


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