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Punjab Police Killed Innocent Girl in Police Firing Near Patiala, Punjab

In a case of mistaken identity, a woman was killed when police opened fire at a vehicle which had jumped a barrier. The incident occurred at a 'naka' on Patiala-Gulha Cheeka road.

Police tried to stop the car, but its driver did not stop despite being asked to and when police opened fire, a woman who received the gunshot wounds was killed.

Areas in Punjab have been put on high alert after the massive security breach near Patiala, Punjab, where Khalistani terrorist Harminder Singh Mintoo escaped from the high security jail in Nabha after armed men disguised in uniform opened fire outside the jail.
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has hit out at the Badal government. Kejriwal took to Twitter to state that the Punjab Home Minister should take responsibility of the jailbreak and the killing of the young woman and “immediately resign.”

Punjab Home Minister shud immediately resign taking responsibility of jail break and killing of innocent girl by Punjab police

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