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EXCLUSIVE: Modi Supporters Rip Up Picture of Darbar Sahib As They Faced Large Protests in California

SAN JOSE, California, USA (September 28, 2015)—During a protest by various organizations outside the SAP Center in San Jose, counter-protestors who supported Modi ripped up a picture of Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple, Amritsar).  Witnesses state that the incident took place around 5:30 PM as Narendra Modi was just about to enter the SAP Center. It appears as if the Modi supporters were trying to incite the Sikhs withing anti-Modi campaign group.
As per local estimates, over 3,000 joined the protest against Modi.  Protesters started gathering outside the SAP Center as early as 3 PM.  The rear of the SAP Center was split between anti and pro-Modi demonstrators and for hours, as both sides shouted slogans at each other.
The protest against Modi was a collaboration between different groups and communities.  Along with Sikhs, local Muslims, Christians, Dalits, LGBT activisits and Indian Adivasi (aboriginal) groups came together to protest against Modi. Concerns regarding the PM’s support and participation in the extremist nationalist organisation RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) and involvement in violence against minority groups were the resounding concerns.
During his speech at the SAP Center, Narendro Modi tried to woo Sikh protesters by praising them for starting the Indian freedom struggle from California.

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